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Argan limited was formed in august 2010 soon after one of its founders, Mr Darren Smith, had returned from a holiday to Marrakesh. Darren had been asked by a friend, Mr Ken Ward, to bring back some argan oil for his partner, as it was difficult, at the time, to source in the UK. Whilst on holiday Darren’s wife, Jane, was bitten by mosquitoes and the bites had blistered badly. Locals suggested using argan oil to treat the bites and, to Jane and Darren’s surprise, the oil seemed to work extremely well at healing the bites within a few days.

On his return to the UK, Darren gave gifts of argan oil to friends and family and was soon being asked where it could be purchased in the UK. Finding no retailers, and only one company selling the oil online in the UK, Darren considered that this amazing and, at the time, almost unheard of oil should be brought to the UK market and set about making this happen. Darren is a barrister, a qualified stockbroker and a chartered accountant and had worked in finance all of his life and so the beauty and cosmetics sector was completely unknown territory for his skill set. Notwithstanding this, he was so impressed with the oil himself, and from the glowing reports off people who he had given the oil to, that he was certain he was onto something and that the business would succeed (although he did cross his fingers too).

Darren discussed with Ken the opportunity of importing argan oil into the UK and simply argan was born. Darren began setting up the business in the UK whilst Ken was tasked with sourcing the best quality argan oil from Morocco. Several trips later, and only after many batches of argan oil had been tested in a UK laboratory from various potential suppliers, Ken and Darren were satisfied that they had found the finest quality argan oil.

After over a year in the research and development stage argan finally began to trade in February 2012, selling exclusively online at Initially argan started selling argan oil as an alternative to olive oil and for cosmetic use but then
significant investment was made to develop additional cosmetic products that were argan oil based. Towards the end of 2016 the first argan retail shop will open in Wilmslow, Cheshire which will be a major milestone in the company’s development. At the beginning of 2016 Darren put his money where his mouth is and took over as full time managing director of simply argan and ceased working in the finance sector completely.

Recently commenting on this transition Darren was quoted as saying:

“I moved from being the MD of a large financial organisation where i had over 200 employees to simply argan where we have a small but very skilled and committed team. That poses its own unique challenges and I have found myself having to get stuck in with all aspects of the business from the very high level stuff, such as choosing and developing the retail premises, To trying to get printers to work, given we are not big enough to have our own IT department! Given my previous experience, as well as being the MD, I also head up the legal and finance sides of the business and also customer relations; so to say I have been a little busy since the start of 2016 is a slight understatement! However, it has also been the most enjoyable period of my career to date because it is easy to put your all into a product that you firmly believe in. I come into work each day and I will almost invariably have emails in the in-box from customers telling us how much they love our products and how much they have helped them. It makes getting up and going to work easy and we are very fortunate to have such kind and loyal customers.”

Argan’s core product is a high quality, pure, organic, cold pressed (cosmetic grade) argan oil sourced from an ecocert certified moroccan supplier. Every batch of argan oil imported is further tested and certified in a UK laboratory to ensure quality and purity and every bottle we sell is issued with a certificate of authenticity with details of the laboratory that tested it.

Since simply argan began trading, argan oil has fast become at the forefront of the beauty industry and it is now seen by some as a must have essential beauty product with celebrity endorsements from Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gisele Bündchen, Eva Mendes, Salma Hayek, Taylor Swift, Charlize Theron, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Selena Gomez, Kylie Minogue and Sophie Dahl to name but a few. it has become renowned for having fantastic results in improving the appearance of skin, hair, lips and nails.

Since trading began simply argan has sold tens of thousands of bottles of argan oil. The company is proud that it has played its part in introducing this wonderful and special oil to the UK, which is now almost ubiquitous in uk hair and beauty products.

Shortly after trading began, the company appointed Ms Amanda Cooper, a beauty expert, as head of product development and has complimented its pure argan oil with a range of argan oil based hair and beauty products including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash, hair serum, cleanser, toner, exfoliating scrub, face cream, eye gel and by recently launching a men’s range with shaving and beard oils. In total argan now has over 30 products in its range, all of which contain the finest quality argan oil.

Feedback from customers has been very favourable and a selection can be seen at:


Argan oil in the media

The word about the amazing benefits of using argan oil is spreading around the globe. it has been featured in numerous publications including: the new york times, vogue, elle magazine and even the national geographic. Not to mention television programs such as the lorraine show and americas next top model.

Here are some of the wonderful comments they have made about argan oil:

“…The hottest beauty trend in Morocco…” – Americas Next Top Model

“Restorative and age-defying effects…” – The New York Times

“Argan oil: from morocco to Hollywood’s red carpet…” - People Magazine

“…The new star for healing skin care” – Vogue Magazine

Olympic Swimmer Jemma Low Recommends simply argan.

“As an Olympic swimmer my training regime takes quite a toll on my hair and skin. I have found simply argan’s products to be a godsend. I use them daily and they have kept my skin and hair healthy and invigorated. I would thoroughly recommend simply argan’s products.”

Jemma Lowe, 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 London Olympics and training towards 2016 Rio Olympics, Team GB Swimmer.

Olympic Swimmer Georgia Davies Recommends simply argan.

“Being in chlorine constantly during the day really takes a toll on my hair and skin. Jemma explain the benefits she had seen from using simply argan's products and I was really excited to try them myself. I can truly say I have not been disappointed and I really love the product range, it has really helped me. I would happily recommend simply argan's products.”

Georgia Davies, 2012 London Olympics and training towards 2016 Rio Olympics, Team GB Swimmer.