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​​​​argan oil benefits and information

You know it is essential for your body to be nourished with vitamins and minerals. The same is true for your skin which, in the modern age, may suffer deprivation of its natural oils and nutrition because of environmental stresses and the over-use of makeup, which in turn deprives your skin of the necessary levels of collagen and hydration.

why simply argan oil?

Not all argan oils are the same; there are different qualities and purities, just like with any oil (click here to read about a recent government investigation that found a third of olive oil being sold is fake)!

we visit Morocco to find the finest quality organic argan oil and then we test every batch we import in an independent uk laboratory to ensure it meets our exacting standards. we issue every bottle of simply argan oil with a certificate of quality and purity. we go to great lengths to find the finest argan oil, so you don’t have to. we do not sell any argan oil; we sell simply argan oil.

you can see the laboratory results of simply argan oil compared to other argan oils on the market by clicking here.

simply argan oil is extremely rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids and is unrivalled by any natural and manmade product with its unique blend. it is rich in tocopherols (vitamin e, which is essential for the skin), phenols, carotenes, squalene, and fatty acids. the main natural phenols in argan oil are caffeic acid, oleuropein, vanillic acid, tyrosol, catechol, resorcinol, (−)-epicatechin and (+)-catechin.

it is this unique blend of natural, rare and essential components that makes simply argan oil work wonders, and maintains your body’s radiance. simply argan oil works by nourishing and moisturising your skin, containing absolutely no artificial colouring, preservatives or perfumes.

the anti-ageing properties of argan oil are well documented, with its unique blend of properties restoring the skin’s lipid layer and thereby improving the skin’s health and beauty. free radicals are eradicated from the body by the oil’s natural anti-oxidant properties which are essential in protecting the skin against the rigours of today’s society.

ageing skin and wrinkles are due to failure of skin to produce adequate collagen and a weakening of the elastin. simply argan oil is packed full of ingredients that help improve the elasticity of the skin making it more supple and smoother. in turn, this helps reduce the appearance of ageing and wrinkles, helping you, as our logo promises, to “turn back time”.

natural composition of simply argan oil makes it an amazingly versatile oil and, in addition to being an amazing solution for the skin, it also works wonders on hair, nails and lips.

where does simply argan oil come from?

simply argan oil is obtained from fruit of the argan tree which is now virtually only found in the argan forest of south west morocco, a tiny area in the context of the world. we source our oil from the finest producers and each batch is eco certified in morocco and then re-tested in an iso 9001 certified uk laboratory. this ensures that we supply you with only pure and very high quality organic argan oil.

fruit of the argan tree contain kernels which in turn contain the argan oil.

how is simply argan oil made?

simply argan oil is not heated to extract oil as this affects or eliminates many of the essential elements that are beneficial for the body, skin, hair and nails. instead, the oil is meticulously extracted by a method known as being cold pressed, which is very labour intensive and this makes argan oil expensive to produce.

although some people prefer to use oil which has been extracted from roasted argan nuts as a food because of flavour produced by that process, we would advise against it. as explained, heating the nuts destroys some of the essential elements that make up the oil and thereby reduce the health benefits of it. cold pressed argan oil has a perfectly nice taste (in fact many prefer it to the roasted nut taste) and is far healthier for your body.

it takes 30kg of argan nuts and about 15 hours of labour to make just one litre of argan oil using traditional berber method of extraction!

beware of what you buy

beware of cheap, and sometimes not so cheap, imitations. because of the high cost of argan oil some retailers sell it in a diluted form or even sell less expensive oils as argan oil. of course, we would be delighted if you want to purchase oil from us, but if you do buy from elsewhere please ensure that they are a reputable retailer and that they have the oil certified by a regulated uk laboratory. if you have any doubt, look elsewhere – it is not worth taking the risk of using a fake product which may cause more harm than good. remember, the whole benefit of the product is to enhance beauty, so don’t take risks.

you are sometimes not even safe with big name high street retailers, many of which sell items labelled as argan oil but is no such thing. just check the ingredients on the back before you buy, if it is pure argan oil then the only ingredient listed, to conform to eu cosmetic regulations, should be argania spinosa kernel oil (which is the scientific name for pure argan oil and which must be used).

for example, one very well know high street chain sells a bottle which is labelled prominently on the front of the bottle as “argan oil” with further details underneath stating “perfecting facial oil”, leading any reasonable consumer to believe they were purchasing pure argan oil.

however, if you examine the list of ingredients on the so called “argan oil” the first ingredient (meaning most in it) is isopropyl myristate (which is used as a treatment for killing head lice by dehydration, which will actually dry out your skin) and the second ingredient is actually almond oil which is much cheaper than argan oil! argan oil is listed as one of the last ingredients. the price of this bottle is under £7 for 30ml and the reason – because it is not pure argan oil.

also, have a look at test results for argan oil sold at major high street retailers and by major online brands here. of course, there are brands we have tested which have been reasonable quality argan oil (but in all truth we have never found an argan oil in the uk to be as pure and good quality as ours), but these have been at the high end price range of the market and generally a lot more expensive than what we sell simply argan oil for.

if you want to find out more about what makes our company special click here.

a little science

what makes the constituent elements of simply argan oil* so beneficial for the skin, hair and nails?

tocopherols are naturally occurring anti-oxidants (vitamin e) which is essential for healthy skin. many cosmetics have vitamin e added as an ingredient (check some labels, it is added to most cosmetic products) whereas it is found in abundance in simply argan oil and does not need to be artificially added. what is more, the level of tocopherols found in simply argan oil are much higher than many other oils and the type of tocopherols found in simply argan oil (simply argan oil has high levels of gamma tocopherols) are much more beneficial than those found in many other oils. for example, olive oil contains c300mg/kg of alpha tocopherols (which are not as good for antioxidant benefits than gamma tocopherols) and low levels of gamma tocopherols and coconut oil contains only c20mg/kg of total tocopherols. whereas argan oil contains c600mg/kg of which c70% are gamma tocopherols.1 put simply, simply argan oil has lots of very high quality vitamin e.

phenols are used in a range of bath, hair and skin care products and occur naturally in simply argan oil. phenols have antibacterial properties that help cleanse the skin and eliminate odour by preventing and inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms. they also help to remove dead skins cells from the surface of the skin, improve various skin conditions and help with eliminating the causes and effects of skin ageing.2

carotenes are powerful antioxidants that help protect against cellular damage and repair sun damaged skin. they are also regarded as a key anti-ageing ingredient in many cosmetic products and work to even skin tone. in hair products they are added to help with fragility and to prevent split ends. in many cosmetic products they are synthesised from vitamin a and then added, being called such buzzwords as pro-vitamin a.

squalene is easily absorbed by the skin and is an anti-oxidant. it helps prevent uv damage and the formation of age spots, it promotes cell growth and it is also an antibacterial agent. again, as with many of the natural constituents of simply argan oil, this is artificially added to many cosmetic products and, sadly, it is obtained, in many cases, from sharks’ liver.

essential fatty acids are important for healthy skin and deficiencies of these can have a detrimental effect. simply argan oil is packed full of these with high concentrations of oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic fatty acids. for example, a deficiency in linoleic acid causes the skin to develop barrier disorders and the skin dries out and becomes scaly, nails tend to crack and hair loss may occur. linoleic acid also promotes the healing process of dermatoses and sun burn by increasing the speed of recovery of the skin.

* we specially refer to simply argan oil, rather than argan oil generally, because we have tested and know the composition of our oil. there are vast differences in the composition and quality of argan oil on the market (we know, as we have tested lots of brands of argan oil). this is the same with any oil and that is why you can pay over £20 for a good bottle of olive oil and less than £2 for a not so good one! research shows that different brands of the same oils can have very different qualities and contain significantly varying amounts of the good stuff.3


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