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Be careful with some “new brands” of alcohol hand sanitisers

Please be careful with some “new brands” of alcohol hand sanitisers that have popped up recently. We have had reports of fake websites being set up purportedly selling hand sanitisers that just steal customers personal and credit/debit card details.  Some sites are selling hand sanitisers that are dangerous and unsafe.

Hand sanitisers are being imported from outside the EU from countries with much lower safety and regulatory standards. Some do not contain the necessary levels of alcohol to kill viruses (even though they state they do) and/or can contain dangerous and banned substances. They may not have undergone the required safety testing as all products made by us and other reputable brands must undertake by law.

Please see below an example reported by the BBC:

And below is the advice from Action Fraud found on the

As stated above, even more worrying are websites that have been set up to ostensibly sell hand sanitiers or other essential items but are fraudulent sites designed to steal peoples IDs and credit/debit card details.  See below a recent report from the Times newspaper:

If you have not heard of the brand before the current pandemic we would suggest exercising caution.

We recommend checking out to see if the brand is on Facebook or TrustPilot (or similar reliable sources) and, if they have any reviews, check if the reviews go back years or are all newly posted (which could indicate fake reviews).

The last thing you want to do when buying a hand sanitiser is to buy something that does not work or, worse, get scammed.

You can see our Facebook and our TrustPilot reviews by clicking the links.

When buying from us, you are buying from a brand you can trust.