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how to use simply argan oil

simply argan oil should be massaged into the skin, nails and lips as a matter of routine.
It is non greasy and absorbs well into the skin.

Only a small quantity of 2 or 3 drops is required which should be warmed in clean hands and gently massaged into the required area in an upwards and outwards circular motion on the skin with the fingertips.

Take care when applying around the eyes and other sensitive areas.

simply argan oil is fantastic as a moisturiser and night cream!

For a luxury bath:
Around 5ml of simply argan should be added to some water before the bath is fully filled to ensure an equal consistency.

For lines and wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, age spots, rosacea and dehydrated skin and lips:
Massage more generous amounts into the affected areas.

For dry and damaged hair, to reduce frizziness or to improve its natural shine:
Simply rub a small amount into the hair starting at the roots and massage to the ends. Leave on for around 30 minutes and then shampoo out. For damaged or very dry hair you can leave it on overnight before washing out in the morning.